Upcoming Omaha OD Events.

Upcoming events

    • 02 Feb 2023
    • 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
    • Stokes West 13615 California Street

    Welcome Omaha OD Network members!

    Please join us for Stammtisch on the first Thursday of each month

    in person at Stokes West from 3:00 - 5:00 PM

    13615 California Street

    Stammtisch is an open exchange of ideas that help us to EXPLORE, LEARN, and SHARE, leaving us all more INSPIRED to do great work! 

    There is a lot to learn from one another, so join us as we share ideas, ask questions, discuss current and upcoming projects, and build connections with other trusted professionals.

    Our goal with the monthly Stammtisch is simple – to gather OD professionals with the purpose of strengthening our network and our impact in the community.

    There is NO cost for this members-only event. You are welcome to purchase food or beverage. Please register so we know how many to expect.

    We hope to see you there!

    • 22 Feb 2023
    • 7:45 AM - 9:00 AM
    • CHANGE: Farm Credit Services of America-5015 S. 118th St, Park-Visitor Center(Spring Conf Cntr)

    Organizational Change; How Leaders Build Trust and Buy-In

    Facilitated by Karalee Picard with North Omaha Music & Arts(NOMA)

    Adaptive leadership is both a practice of (1) collectively marshaling people to confront tough challenges, generate solutions, and thrive, and (2) being agile and adept in the face of complexity to intuitively assemble people and create space for people to tackle tough challenges, create innovative solutions, and flourish. During organizational change, leaders must engage with employees to deliver information, offer opportunities for participation, and to build trust in those members managing the change. Throughout individual leader-follower interactions, leaders will learn about people and will better understand what is valuable in the organizational culture and must be preserved, as well as how to motivate and mobilize change through focusing others’ attention on the needs of the organization. In organizational change, leaders must understand that followers will mobilize behind the leader to achieve collective efforts or goals, and in order to accomplish that, leaders must understand that success will likely only come when followers can help create the change.

    Attendees will understand how adaptive leadership is necessary to create buy-in and build trust with followers in order to create change in an organization. Understanding your own leadership and communication styles will help to be able to adapt to others’ styles. Attendees will leave having an idea about how to engage with people who have different styles to build relationships and trust.

    Karalee Picard, EdD, holds a doctorate in Interdisciplinary Leadership from Creighton University, Omaha, Nebraska. She has 26 years of experience leading organizations in the Department of Defense, where she still works part-time. She is also now the Chief People Officer and Director of Operations at North Omaha Music & Arts (NOMA), where she envisioned and created the organization from the ground up. She has recently started a leadership consulting business in the Omaha area, where she teaches adaptive leadership and communications styles. She is on the Brownell Talbot Board of Trustees and is the President of the board at ENVY Volleyball.

    Finally, she is a Rotarian at Omaha Night.  

    Explore - Learn - Share - Inspire

    • 22 Mar 2023
    • 7:45 AM - 9:00 AM
    • CHANGE: Farm Credit Services of America-5015 S. 118th St, Park-Visitor Center(Spring Conf Cntr)

    Why Empathy is Essential in the Workplace

    Facilitated by Jeannie Frazier with Franklin Covey

    Empathy is the ability to share and understand the emotion of others. It is important because it helps us understand how others are feeling, so we can respond appropriately to the situation. Remember, there is always more than meets the eye.

    Empathy is more than a “soft skill” that can be learned and practiced. When genuinely used correctly, Empathy can become one of the most powerful assets to positively impact an organization’s bottom line, retention, and engagement. 87% of CEOs believe Empathy is linked to financial performance per the State of Workplace Empathy.

    During this meeting, you will have the opportunity to:

    • Explore the significance of Empathy in the workplace
    • Analyze Empathy in leadership
    • Learn how to build Empathy with co-workers

    • Use curiosity and Empathy to hear and value diverse perspectives
    The end in mind for our time together is to ensure you take away ideas and best practices

    from the research and your colleagues to build more effective relationships, improve

    human interactions, and drive positive experiences in the workplace. 

    Members will increase their understanding of the importance and the skill behind Empathy. They will walk away with research, statistics, new ideas, and proven best practices to help make their organizations more empathic. 

    Jeannie is a Client Partner with FranklinCovey for the state of Nebraska. She currently works with organizations across all industries to drive results through human performance improvement. She specializes in the areas of leadership development, customer service, trust, productivity, unconscious bias, strategy execution, and sales effectiveness. Jeannie has 20 years of experience in Learning and Development through a practitioner role with General Electric and consultative, client-facing roles with AchieveGlobal (now Korn Ferry), Wilson Learning, and CEB (now Gartner). Jeannie has a reputation of being an approachable, credible resource for her customers and learning peers. She excels at bringing people together to share ideas and best practices to address company challenges. Jeannie is a Creighton University graduate who brings a successful track record, innovative and value-driven ideas, and a passion for learning that her clients and network appreciates. 

    Explore - Learn - Share - Inspire

    • 26 Apr 2023
    • 7:45 AM - 9:00 AM
    • CHANGE: Farm Credit Services of America-5015 S. 118th St, Park-Visitor Center(Spring Conf Cntr)

    Mental Fitness:  How to boost team performance using positive intelligence

    Facilitated by Jenna Smith, ThinkFree Consulting

    More Details Coming Soon!

    Explore - Learn - Share - Inspire

    • 24 May 2023
    • 7:45 AM - 9:00 AM
    • CHANGE: Farm Credit Services of America-5015 S. 118th St, Park-Visitor Center(Spring Conf Cntr)

    What if you never did a performance review again?

    Facilitated by Jessica Langenberg & Gina Mostek,

    Farm Credit Services of America

    More Details Coming Soon!

    Explore - Learn - Share - Inspire

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05 Sep 2019 Monthly Stammtisch!
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01 Aug 2019 Monthly Stammtisch!
24 Jul 2019 Your Authentic Executive
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27 Mar 2019 EQ And The Mindsets That Take Us Out Of Our Comfort Zone
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23 Jan 2019 Design Thinking and Employee Experience: Tactics and Tools You Can Use To Optimize Your Solutions
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12 Dec 2018 Omaha ODN Holiday Social
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15 Nov 2018 OD National Trends and conference updates
24 Oct 2018 OD World Cafe
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06 Sep 2018 Monthly Stammtisch!
22 Aug 2018 Your Seconds: Understanding burden, crisis and resiliency
25 Jul 2018 Hard Measurement of Soft Skills
27 Jun 2018 High Potential Employees - The Link to Organizational Success
07 Jun 2018 Monthly Stammtisch!
23 May 2018 Connecting the Agile and the OD dots
03 May 2018 Monthly Stammtisch!
25 Apr 2018 Managerial Courage
05 Apr 2018 Monthly Stammtisch!
28 Mar 2018 Fueling Performance: A Future-Focused Approach
01 Mar 2018 Monthly Stammtisch!
28 Feb 2018 Exploring Avenues for Leading Change
24 Jan 2018 Harnessing the Power of Intention
04 Jan 2018 Monthly Stammtisch!
13 Dec 2017 A Giraffe and an Elephant Go Into a Refrigerator and Holiday Social
07 Dec 2017 Monthly Stammtisch!
15 Nov 2017 Guiding Organizations Through Strategic Planning
02 Nov 2017 Monthly Stammtisch!
25 Oct 2017 OD Trends/Topics, Report from ODN National Conference
05 Oct 2017 Monthly Stammtisch!
27 Sep 2017 Creating a Learning Culture
07 Sep 2017 Monthly Stammtisch!
23 Aug 2017 Evaluating OD Impact
03 Aug 2017 Monthly Stammtisch!
26 Jul 2017 Leading Change Without Power
28 Jun 2017 Unconscious Bias
24 May 2017 Employee Engagement Translating to Customer Satisfaction
04 May 2017 Monthly Stammtisch!
26 Apr 2017 The marriage between Employee Engagement and Well-being in the workplace breeds top talent attraction and retention ****PLEASE NOTE THE LOCATION CHANGE FOR THIS MEETING****
06 Apr 2017 Monthly Stammtisch!
22 Mar 2017 Emotional Intelligence for OD Consultants
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02 Feb 2017 Monthly Stammtisch!
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05 May 2016 Monthly Stammtisch!
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07 Apr 2016 Monthly Stammtisch!
30 Mar 2016 Giving Voice, Creating Relationships
24 Feb 2016 OD Resources - How Do YOU Learn & Grow
27 Jan 2016 Creating Your Own Effectiveness Plan & Intentions
07 Jan 2016 January Stammtisch!
09 Dec 2015 Mindfulness and Being Present
18 Nov 2015 Organization Development Trends and Focus Areas
05 Nov 2015 Stammtisch!
28 Oct 2015 Create Healthy Relationships...Through Conscious Communication!
01 Oct 2015 Stammtisch, October
23 Sep 2015 Trouble Having Difficult Conversations?
03 Sep 2015 Stammtisch, September
26 Aug 2015 Breaking Down Silos
06 Aug 2015 August Stammtisch
22 Jul 2015 Putting Information Into Action
24 Jun 2015 Moving Personal Development Forward: Don’t stop after development assessments (move professional development forward with personal development plans.)
27 May 2015 Moving Corporate Culture and Engagement Forward: Don’t stop after surveys (move forward with strengthening our culture through action plans and follow up work)
22 Apr 2015 Performance Management - Situational Coaching with Organizational Leaders
25 Mar 2015 Performance Management - Art of Conversation
25 Feb 2015 Performance Management - Performance Reviews
28 Jan 2015 Performance Management - Establishing Competencies
10 Dec 2014 Omaha ODN Social
19 Nov 2014 Organization Development Trends and Focus Areas
22 Oct 2014 Business Imperative - Psychological Capital
24 Sep 2014 Business Imperative - Management Standard Work in Action
27 Aug 2014 Business Imperative - OPEN discussion with OD professionals
23 Jul 2014 Mentoring - Ambassador Systems
25 Jun 2014 Data Analytics and Culture
21 May 2014 Collaboration Tools - leverage for retention
23 Apr 2014 Global Trust
26 Mar 2014 Diversity and Inclusion Across Generations
26 Feb 2014 Workplace Flexibility and Trust
22 Jan 2014 Collaboration Engineering: Achieving Repeatable Team Success
11 Dec 2013 Omaha ODN Social
20 Nov 2013 Update on Organization Development
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23 Jan 2013 State of the Industry: A World Café/Future Search Approach to Discovering the Trends That Will Drive the Practice of OD
12 Dec 2012 Omaha ODN Holiday Social
28 Nov 2012 Appreciative Inquiry in Action--A Case Study
19 Nov 2012 Stammtisch
24 Oct 2012 Building Individualized Leadership Plans
10 Oct 2012 Stammtisch
26 Sep 2012 2012 Conference Registration--Re-modeling: A Fresh Look at Change Management
22 Aug 2012 Assessing the Assessments
25 Jul 2012 Stories from the Trenches: Experiences and Observations from OD Practitioners
27 Jun 2012 The Power Paradox: Influencing in a Complex World
23 May 2012 The Science of Talent: Selection, Engagement, and the Development of Top Performers
25 Apr 2012 Effectively Implementing and Measuring Social Learning
28 Mar 2012 Strategic Thinking and Value Innovation
22 Feb 2012 Can Organizations Develop if Individuals Don't?: Linking Individual Learning and Organizational Change
25 Jan 2012 Diversity + Inclusion = Innovation: Leveraging Cognitive Diversity - Omaha ODN January Meeting
09 Dec 2011 December Holiday Social/Networking Event
16 Nov 2011 Social Network Analysis - Omaha ODN November Meeting
26 Oct 2011 Omaha ODN Tools and Tips Expo
26 Oct 2011 Vendor Registration--Tools and Tips Expo
28 Sep 2011 Yeah, We Do That: The Importance of Process
24 Aug 2011 Leading Forward: Emerging Views of Leadership
24 Aug 2011 Leading Forward Conference Sponsorship
27 Jul 2011 Re-Engage: How America's Best Places to Work Inspire Extra Effort in Extraordinary Times
22 Jun 2011 The Ego has Landed: How to Get Out of Your Own Way and Get Results!
25 May 2011 Using DiSC-Based Assessments to Advance Partnerships & Influence
27 Apr 2011 Toward a More Effective Change Process
23 Mar 2011 The Art of Strategy - presented by Heather Hain with TSYS Merchant Solutions
23 Feb 2011 The Organization & Relationship Systems Coaching™ Program (ORSC™)
26 Jan 2011 Leadership Mentoring Circles
10 Dec 2010 December Holiday Social/Networking Event
17 Nov 2010 21st Century Succession Planning: Identifying and Developing Your High-Potential Leaders
27 Oct 2010 Storytelling for Organizational Change
22 Sep 2010 Creating an Ethical Business Culture
28 Aug 2010 The Hip & Sage Consultant Conference
21 Jul 2010 Emotional Intelligence
23 Jun 2010 June Meeting - Behavioral Economics: A new lens for organizational performance
28 May 2010 April 2010 Meeting
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