Upcoming Omaha OD Events.

Upcoming events

    • 28 Mar 2018
    • 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM (CDT)
    • Centris Federal Credit Union, 11825 Q Street (118th and Q) - Please park on the north side of the building

     Fueling Performance: A Future-Focused Approach

    Facilitated by Lynette Campbell-VP Org Dev & Learning and 

    Katie Mullin-VP Human Resources, Farm Credit Services of America


    In the summer of 2016, Farm Credit Services of America launched a cross-functional team, Team Fuel.  The team was charged with one goal: Create a holistic, effective new Performance Review Process while at the same time supporting our culture. Starting date: January 2017. Why change? We knew thousands of hours were being spent reviewing performance with little perceived impact on future performance. In fact, many employees were frustrated by ratings. And, the focus of the reviews were backward-looking instead of fueling future performance.  Join Katie Mullin, VP of HR and Lynette Campbell, VP of Org Development & Learning as they share in detail the story of how the new process was designed, the key components of the new process, what the organization earned a year after implementing, and what's next!

    Members will understand how one organization successfully transformed a conventional performance review to a simpler, more effective process. Learn about the successful actions taken to implement the process ad also the pitfalls. Topics covered will include the project journey, communications, timing, what the conversations involve, tools and what happened to our competency model, cultural considerations, and survey results. More importantly: we know that literally thousands of hours were saved last year utilizing this streamlined method. Did the organization notice that performance dropped in any way?

    Lynette Campbell

    Lynette Campbell has spent her whole career passionately helping people and organizations learn and increase capacity. As Vice President of Organizational Development & Learning at Farm Credit Services of America/Frontier Farm Credit, she and her team are focused on a broad spectrum of initiatives, including fostering a vibrant culture, internal communications, championing employee wellbeing through health, inclusion and engagement, talent management, change management, functional training and developing strong leaders, teams and employees.

    Lynette holds a M.S. in Adult Learning and Organization Performance, and is proud to be a Pilot Pioneer - earning the International Association of Training and Development's first Certification in Professional Learning and Performance (CPLP). She's been certified in many learning programs and processes, including Group Facilitation Methods, Strategic Planning, Workforce Planning and Six Sigma.

    Recent projects (along with leading her team) have been in organizational redesign, researching and helping redesigning performance processes, and producing the 2017 Leader Conference. New on the horizon is exploring and implementing an even stronger culture of Recognition.

    In the past, Lynette has served on the Executive Board of both Omaha's ODNetwork and the Association for Training and Development, is a founding member of the Learning Leaders of Omaha Roundtable and serves with the Culture Ambassadors. Lynette has helped with many nonprofit boards throughout her career, and at this time is privileged to be on the Board of Directors of Project Harmony.

    Katie Mullin

    Katie Mullin currently leads Human Resources at Farm Credit Services of America.  Having a very diverse career, she began as a burn/trauma nurse in Lincoln, NE and moved into multiple operational and leadership areas including executive coaching, financial services sales and consulting, operations management and HR leadership.  Her broad range of credentials combine solid, tactical leadership and business expertise with an entrepreneurial mindset. She received her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Nebraska Medical Center and is currently pursuing her Master’s degree at Penn State University.  In the spring of 2017, Katie had the opportunity to study at the University of Limerick in Ireland.

    Katie has a passion for developing and implementing effective HR strategies focused on talent and performance that drive results.  She has been successful in building and leading top performing teams in a variety of industries including insurance, financial services, healthcare, manufacturing and renewable energy.  Katie is a creative change agent focused on innovating and influencing organizational culture and evolution.  Instrumental in the creation of the Women’s Leadership Program administered through Embe of Sioux Falls, SD, Katie is passionate about mentoring and the ideal of “paying it forward.”

    Explore - Learn - Share - Inspire



    • 05 Apr 2018
    • 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
    • Stokes West - 13615 California Street

    Omaha OD Network members, 

    please join us for our monthly Stammtisch.

    The format will be the same as it has been in years past - an open exchange of ideas helping us all to Explore, Learn, and Share, leaving us all more Inspired to do more great work! Share great ideas you have, ask for ideas you need, discuss current and upcoming projects - we all have a lot to learn from one another. 

    Our goal with the monthly Stammtisch is simple - gather OD professionals, bringing them together to strengthen our network and our OD impact in the community.

    Join us to continue the conversations!

    Please register so others know who might be planning to show up. There is NO cost for this event - it is provided to our members for free. All are welcome to buy their own food and beverages from Stokes.

    Hope to see you there!

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