Workplace Flexibility and Trust

  • 26 Feb 2014
  • 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM
  • UNO, Mammel Hall (6708 Pine Street) - Room 117


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Workplace Flexibility and Trust

Diane Kortus


Diane Kortus, Manager of Culture and Inclusion with ConAgra Foods, has former experience leading the remote Consumer Affairs teams for ConAgra Foods.  She will be joining us to shed some light on a topic that ConAgra Foods is focusing on as a lever to help engage its employees at a higher level and build trust within relationships around the organization.



Come learn about some groundbreaking partnerships on workplace flexibility to help businesses become more successful by transforming the view of workplace flexibility from being an employee benefit to being a strategic decision for the business. OD practitioners have an opportunity, especially in the Omaha market, to create effective and flexible workplaces that fit the 21st century workforce and ensures a new competitive advantage for the businesses they influence.  Too often this dialogue is inhibited due to stereotypical assumptions around it only being to cut child care costs, only being beneficial to women, or it being unable to be applied the same to everyone in the organization so therefore cannot be pursued and it is our role as coaches and guides to present the full picture of the impact these solutions can bring to their work environment for all employees. 


In honor of the theme for the first quarter of the year by the ODN to address topics surrounding Trust, it just so happens that most of the engagement survey opportunities revealed within organizations is around the topic of feeling trusted by their manager/leader and Work Flex is a great vehicle to practice trust and expand leaders ability to communicate expectations and measure against specific outcomes to increase trust. 


How as OD practitioners do you enlighten the leaders of your organization or the organizations you partner with to the benefits they can reap and help keep Omaha as a competitive employee market?  Come join us and bring insights from your organizations for any Work Flex practices going on in your organizations for a great dialogue.  Let’s talk about the business case.

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