Omaha OD Network Purpose & Vision

Omaha OD Network Purpose

The Omaha OD Network creates opportunities where members explore, learn and apply organization development methods, tools and techniques.

Omaha OD Network Vision

We create and build purposeful connections that transform and inspire people, organizations and communities to succeed.

Omaha OD Network Values

Omaha OD Network is a COMMUNITY of Colleagues, Learners, and Practitioners.

We are Colleagues:

  • Who are open to, respect, and include each other's opinions, experience and knowledge
  • Who appreciate our human connections and the diversity of our community
  • Who are friendly, informal and uncomplicated in our interactions
  • Who support one another
We are Learners
  • Who explore OD and its application in our world
  • Who desire to advance our knowledge and abilities both collectively and individually
  • Who pursue varying opinions and input
We are Practitioners: 
  • Who share our knowledge and experience in our exchange of ideas
  • Who collaborate and build communities of practice
  • Who apply our learning to our daily efforts as OD Professionals
  • Who come together because we are responsible for change in our world

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