Diversity and Inclusion Across Generations

  • 26 Mar 2014
  • 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM
  • UNO, Mammel Hall (6708 Pine Street) - Room 117


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Diversity and Inclusion Across Generations

Tom McClung & Sarah Johnson

We are having two presenters during the month of March in our theme area of trust to talk further about some of the generational impacts to working in a trust-filled environment.  Omaha is a unique community in how it handles generational communication and trust building.  In Omaha, specifically, young professionals are the largest percentage of our demographics at 14.1% being between the age of 25-34.  We know at ODN that much of our roles is helping people see the reality of their environments and how to capitalize on that reality.  How many times have we heard in team building discussions phrases like, “he is too young to understand that yet”, “typical millennial, so entitled”,  “she is really old so what do you expect?” or “there is no way they will get along….too big of an age difference.” Joining us will be Tom McClung and Sarah Johnson to bring their perspectives to the discussion and dialogue. 


Tom McClung, a Sr. Director with The Growth Coach of Omaha, is an experienced speaker and researcher on all topics related to generational differences and helping different generations bridge the gap of communication, will be joining us to share his perspectives on individuals from various generations and how they look at the world through different lenses.  This can cause conflict and a lack of trust among younger versus older workers.  He will look at characteristics of the four generations and talk about how we can successfully coach our organizations and their leaders to manage generational differences. 


Sarah Johnson joins us from The Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce as the Director of Talent and Workforce.  Sarah has been closely involved with the integration of Young Professional directed programs and business alliances within the Omaha community.  She has seen firsthand some of the strengths, challenges and trends of the young professional workforce within our community.  Her work within the Omaha Community and many of the organizations within our community, including being part of the selection committee for the Young Professional Choice Award each year has given her some great insight and experience in working with both our Midwestern youth but also leaders from many of Omaha’s biggest businesses.


Come join us as we look at the challenges of creating and managing trust and how to provide a framework for some successful trust building.       

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