Global Trust

  • 23 Apr 2014
  • 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM
  • UNO, Mammel Hall (6708 Pine Street) - Room 117


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Global Trust

Todd Saylor - U.S. Strategic Command

Building trust is hard for any team, but it is especially hard for virtual teams, whose members have few opportunities to interact personally. Global teams connected virtually often evolve around projects, with people coming together and drifting away during different phases. When teams span different time zones, continents and cultures, misunderstandings can crop up more frequently and are much harder to detect, and can be awkward to address. Plus, virtual teams rarely allocate special time for relationship building.

Cultivating a culture of trust can take many forms. For starters, virtual team leaders need to find ways to intentionally build relationships with team members that go way beyond the task at hand. As the team leader, it's crucial that you create a level playing field among all team members, regardless of their time zone, location, culture or their relationship to you.

Come hear how some groundbreaking personal partnerships, developed on a foundation of trust and collaboration, have helped to improve inter- and intra-organizational relationships.  OD practitioners are especially influential in building global relationships as they have a comprehensive view of what makes organizations effective and can transition that perspective to diverse, globally distributed teams and the paradigm shifts required to address the potential road blocks in communication, time and cultural differences.  Our role is to recognize and overcome those differences, providing leadership in how to succeed in building and supporting organizational relationships.

Todd Saylor is the Joint Staff Joint Force Development Liaison to U.S. Strategic Command and has been engaged in developing cross-functional collaborative teams globally for over 10-years.  He will share some of his experiences working with globally distributed, virtually connected peers, NATO nation representatives, and building virtual collaborative spaces.  He will talk about some of his experiences working both personally and virtually across time, space and cultures to develop effective teams and build trusting relationships.

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