Create Healthy Relationships...Through Conscious Communication!

  • 28 Oct 2015
  • 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM
  • Centris Federal Credit Union, 11825 Q Street (118th and Q)


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 Create Healthy Relationships...Through 

Conscious Communication! 

~ facilitated by Kathy Larsen, HeartLight Connection



This one’s for YOU!  Communication is the key element to create happiness, health, and harmony for ourselves, our families, our work environments, our communities, and the world! We have all kinds of assessments, behavior style reports, personality tests, surveys, and more that we have taken and administered as OD Professionals. They are all great tools to help us understand more about ourselves and each other in order to communicate more effectively and work together better…

This program takes us to a deeper level of discovery to better understand the underlying truths about the connections we have with people and how those connections affect our everyday communications. Each person has unique circumstances in their life that makes them who they are in each interaction…no matter where they show up in the behavior style or leadership style categories, etc. Conscious Communication helps put us in a different place of focus, energy, and curiosity to make our daily interactions more engaging, rewarding, and fun…

During our time together you will:

-Discover your Communication Triggers

-Engage with the Conscious Creation Formula

-Clear out some old “stuff” that may be in your way

-Have FUN and Interact with each other

-Leave with a SMILE and a SPARK of positive energy!

And…you will notice something different when you walk in the door. And…you will feel something different when you walk out the door…   

Kathy Larsen, HeartLight Connection

Kathy Larsen is a certified facilitator, speaker, coach, and author of “77 Secrets to Leadership Success , “Bring Out the Leader in Your Coaching Program and the soon to be released “Conscious Creation PlayBook”. She helps people create more purpose, passion, and playfulness in everyday life. She also works with organizations to create more happiness, health, and harmony in the workplace. Kathy has been in business since 1991 and has 15 years of corporate leadership experience in different departmental functions. She has a variety of options that she uses in working (playing:-) with individuals and teams to help them shift their focus and create more of what they want in their personal lives and work environments. Most important of all…she has fun in the midst of it! So…her clients do too! Her high energy, real life stories, and interactive style moves people to make positive changes in their lives...

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