Culture in a Box

  • 24 Jul 2013
  • 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM
  • Mammel Hall - Room 117, UNO - 68th & Pine


  • Persons who have paid both the annual fee and pre-paid for programs
  • Members may bring a guest one time to a monthly program meeting free of charge to introduce them to the organization. Guests may be students, colleagues, or those already in the OD/HR field who have not visited us in the past.

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Culture in a Box


In late 2011, Farm Credit Services of America planned to hire a much larger number of employees than usual: more than 10% of the existing workforce. Because the culture was flourishing, and engagement scores were 91%, purposeful acculturation of new employees during the onboarding phase was a vital step in ensuring teammates assimilated quickly.

In response, new tools and processes were designed for acculturation, and in early 2012, Culture in a Box, Choose Your Own Learning Adventure, and the FusionBuddies program were introduced. Although difficult to quantify impact, the culture is thriving and intact. In 2012, FCSAmerica received the city-wide Young Professionals Choice Award, and in 2013, FCSAmerica was chosen the #1 Best Place to Work in Omaha.

Although each organization is unique, these tools are scalable, and can be implemented with minimal resources. During this session, you will be provided with specific instructions and ideas on how to bring Culture in a Box to life.

Lynette Campbell has spent her entire career passionately helping people and organizations learn and increase capacity. As Director of Organizational Development & Learning at Farm Credit Services of America, she and her team are focused on a broad spectrum of initiatives, including culture initiatives, engagement, talent management, change management, wellness and diversity & inclusion, employee wellbeing, and workforce planning, along with leadership, team, and employee development.


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